Call for nominations

WHY are we celebrating on the 2nd of February?

South Africa is the only country in the world that can accurately pinpoint the exact date of origin of its wine industry, thanks to a diary entry on 2 February 1659, which read: “Today, praise be to God, wine was made for the first time from Cape grapes”.

WHAT is the Wine Harvest Commemorative Event?

The 2025 Wine Harvest Commemorative Event will be hosted at Groot Constantia in February 2025 to mark the official birthday of the SA wine industry in 1659. The Event also serves as a blessing of the new harvest and the South African wine industry pays official tribute to, and honours, role players for their ground-breaking contributions.

In February 2025, at the Wine Harvest Commemorative Event, the 2025 recipients will be announced.

HOW do I get involved?

The Wine Harvest Commemorative Event is now calling on all in the industry to nominate potential candidates to be considered for recognition in the following categories, according to the set criteria:


The person or institution who receives recognition in the 1659 Visionary Leadership Award Category should have made an essential contribution towards the industry, of which there must be substantial evidence. The industry (or a specific aspect thereof) must have been influenced positively by it and must have a lasting impact with all indications of a special legacy. It must be worthy of praise and significantly changed people’s thinking and/or lives. There must be clear indications of intellectual conceptualising the idea, which must be creative, innovative, unique, and proven in practice. It should encourage and inspire others in the industry to do the same or even better.


The person or institution who receives recognition in the Viticulture and Viniculture Category should have developed new ideas, technologies and methods within the wine-making industry, implementing and transferring these ideas and methodologies, changing mindsets, and benefitting the South African wine industry overall.


The person or institution who receives recognition in the Wine Advancement Category should have made noticeable contributions towards the image of wine and the responsible use of it, as well as building the image of the South African wine industry as a whole through their width of reach.


The person or institution who receives recognition in the Growing Inclusivity Category should go to a recipient who has set an inspirational example, paving the way for others through the elimination of barriers, contributing to the knowledge that others can use, and having an overall effect on the image of the South African wine industry.

Please Note: Nominations received will be kept on record and could be used again for future consideration if not successful in the specific year of nomination.


Over the years, numerous luminaries have been recognised, including Nelson Mandela, Unsung Wine Workers, Norma Ratcliffe, Beyers Truter, Charles Back, Carmen Stevens and Ken Forrester. In 2024, Tim Hutchinson, Ilse Ruthford, Cathy Marston, and Dawid Saayman were also added to this noteworthy list.

Make your nomination today by completing the submission template here

Wine Harvest Commemorative Event engages the hearts and minds of people in the local wine industry and everyone passionate about South African wine – thank you for your support!
Closing date for nominations is
1 July 2024
This event is made possible through the generous support of Groot Constantia and our sponsors.
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